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Computer History Museum, November 2016 (Haigh)

This video comes from the talk “Working on ENIAC: Rethinking the Myths of Innovation” that Haigh gave for the Computer History Museum’s CHM Live speaker series in November, 2016. It is followed by a question and answer period. Thanks to all those at the museum who worked on organizing, recording, and editing the event.

 Computer Conservation Society, London, May 2016 (Priestley)

Mark Priestley delivers the talk “A History of ENIAC in 3 Programs” to the Computer Conservation Society’s London branch, a group of the British Computer Society.

IEEEE Silicon Valley History Group, March 2017 (Haigh)

This video is the introductory part of the event, including a Q&A conducted with Thomas Haigh by Alan Weissberger.

This one is the main talk, entitled “The Other Women of ENIAC: Rethinking the Myths of Innovation.”

Finally, this is the spirited Q&A period. You can see Steve Wozniak ask a question at 24:55!

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, February 2016 (Haigh & Priestley)

This video comes from the talk “Working on ENIAC: The Lost Labors of the Information Age” that Haigh and Priestley gave for the Digital Dialogues series at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) on February 18, 2016. It was held in Maryland’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab. Compared to the CHM version of the talk (above) this one is a little more compressed but features Priestley’s discussion of ENIAC programming techniques.

MITH has also transcribed the recording. Read the talk, and discussion, at As befits a digital humanities event there was quite a lot of tweeting going on. One of the attendees turned them into a storify summary of the event. The MITH page for the event includes more details and a link to our slides. Thanks to Matthew Kirschenbaum and his colleagues at MITH for arranging the talk, and to Ben Shneiderman and his colleagues at HCIL for hosting it.

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, September 2016 (Haigh)

There is one more version of the talk online, this one from the Vintage Computer Museum Midwest in September, 2016. That version of the talk was also called “Working on ENIAC: The Lost Labors of the Information Age.”

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