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As well as the trilogy of articles in IEEE Annals of the History of Computing the project inspired us to produce a number of other pieces on related aspects of computing in the 1940s. These include:



Thomas Haigh & Mark Priestley, “Innovators Assemble: Ada Lovelace, Walter Isaacson, and the Superheroines of Computing,” Communications of the ACM 58:9 (Sept 2015):20-27.




Thomas Haigh & Mark Priestley, “Where Code Comes From: Architectures of Automatic Control from Babbage to Algol,” Communications of the ACM 59:1 (Jan 2016, with Mark Priestley): 39-33.



Thomas Haigh, “Actually, Turing Did Not Invent the Computer,” Communications of the ACM 57:1 (Jan 2014):36-41.



Thomas Haigh, “An Unconventional History of the Early IAS Computer” – Review of “Turing’s Cathedral” by George Dyson, SIAM News 46:2, March 12, 2013.



Making and Remaking the Modern Computer